The Importance of Remaining Open

The Importance of Remaining Open

“In moments of uncertainty and danger, you need to fight this desire to turn inward. Instead, make yourself more accessible, seek out old allies and make new ones, force yourself into more and more different circles. This has been the trick of powerful people for centuries.”
- Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

We all have two options when things get hard.  We can bring people closer and depend on them or we can push them away.  Self-preservation often leads people to isolate and protect themselves.  We do this to cut off negative stressors and threats, but in the process we also eliminate the positive inputs and opportunity.  While most of us do this unknowingly, just trying to survive, isolation is a significant strategic blunder.  It weakens us and limits the amount of joy, opportunity, and healing that can come into our lives. 

Remaining open and increasing connection when you experience challenges—both personal and professional—is a far better approach.  Your openness will help you find a way to release your pain and discover a new path. This is how you overcome challenges, achieve inner peace, and encourage growth.  Not only that, these connections are expansive, the bonds formed through sharing your struggles with people who care, and attract more joy, opportunity, and possibility into your life. 

When we lose our way or go through pain, the only true way back is to combine personal bravery and insight (knowing, for example, that because one thing was a negative experience doesn’t mean everything will be) with the loving persistence of someone who truly cares enough to see through the barriers you have built, so that you remain open.  While this approach may be counterintuitive, you must not close yourself off in the face of a challenge. Instead, rise above your challenges through deeper connection and you can transform into something greater.

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