The Age of Ideas

Unlock Your Creative Potential

A New Book from Alan Philips

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What do they all have in common?

They have discovered their purpose and unlocked their creative potential.

We have been born into a time when anything is possible and all the tools to make our dreams a reality are available and for the most part, affordable.  Our ancestors fought to remove the restraints of monarchy and dictatorship, our parents were the guinea pigs that uncovered the flaws in the industrial system, and we are the beneficiaries of it all.  Now more than ever, we have the freedom to manifest our truth, pursue our own path, and along the way discover our best selves. Whether as individuals or as part of a group there is nothing holding us back except knowledge.

The Age of Ideas provides that knowledge.  It takes the reader on an incredible journey into a world of self-discovery, personal fulfillment, and modern entrepreneurship.  The book starts by explaining how the world has shifted into this new paradigm and then outlines a step-by-step framework to turn your inner purpose and ideas into an empowered existence.  Your ideas have more power than ever before and when you understand how to manifest and share them you will be on the road to making an impact in ways you never before imagined.

Welcome to the Age Of Ideas

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"inspired me to pursue my dreams and showed me how to make them a reality"