Some Days Will Suck

Some Days Will Suck

Some days will suck.

Some weeks will be hard.

Some months will be filled with doubt, fear, and the terror of not knowing.

There’s no way around it. I know. Trust me.

I tried to avoid the pain, the struggle, and the sacrifice.

It didn’t work. There are no shortcuts.

Those brave enough to face the pain and struggle are the ones who get the fulfillment.

They’re rewarded with the river of positive energy that can only come from overcoming a challenge.

Your fulfillment is dependent on your ability to persist. To fight through the hard times, the days you don’t believe, and still have certainty you’ll succeed.

You accept sacrifice when you sign up. It’s in the fine print.

But don’t be scared.

You know you want it. You want it all.

You want everything, so you have to be willing to give up everything.

That’s why your pursuit must align with your purpose.

They must be innately tied to your inner desires. Then, when things get really hard, when everything goes wrong, you won’t quit.

You won’t quit because you can’t. It would be like quitting on yourself.

You will change course, you will evolve, but you won’t quit.

That’s what life is all about: a struggle to overcome a challenge.

Magicmakers, groundbreakers, creators, you can’t avoid your calling; you can’t avoid your truth.

So step forth, be brave, and take your shot.

Start your journey.

Discover your purpose.

Manifest your magic.

Share it with the world.

But never forget, some days will suck.

Start your journey today

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