Think Less, Feel More Hat


In the Western world, most individuals run their lives focused solely on meeting their financial needs, and most organizations make decisions based solely on their P&Ls. Traditionally, little or no value is placed on understanding the emotional elements. But in the modern market, it’s creativity, a purely emotional element, that has the ability to change the value of a business simply by altering its perception or usage.

But this truth isn’t limited to business; the same concept applies to individuals. Once we’ve met our basic needs—safety, security, sustenance, and shelter—those same emotional elements, not material wealth, determine our level of fulfillment or, as some may refer to it, our personal success. These parallel truths—that amazing achievement and lasting fulfillment for both individuals and organizations come from understanding and harnessing the emotional elements—are critical to flourishing in the modern age, the Age of Ideas.

Unlock the power of emotion with this classic baseball cap with embroidered “Think Less, Feel More” logo on the front and Age of Ideas logo on the back.