No Have Tos

No Have Tos

You have to do it. No, you don’t.

I want you to do it, but you won’t.

We approach everything with a point of view.

We decide what we don’t, and what we do.

None of your actions are a have to.

None of your decisions are a forced to.

The idea of being forced is an illusion.

Only you control your action.

Self-preservation, desire, guilt, or need. Fear or love, emotions dictate how you will proceed. Positive or negative, the action is yours. Whether you choose to remain small or go on European tours. Whether you hold the door and learn your manners, the choice is yours and that’s what matters.

Advertisements don’t make you buy. They find a door into your mind. Discover vulnerability you don’t want them to find. They exploit your emotions to create a desire inside. Then that desire creates a fire. From there you go and make a purchase, even though you have less dollars in your purses.

Some may call this manipulation, but that is an untrue interpretation. Manipulation requires negative intention. Sorry if I failed to mention, the outcome of your actions comes back to intention. So don’t do things just for attention. Do them because you really want to. Not because you really have to. Do them not just for yourself, but do them for the benefit of everyone else.

You have to do it. No, you don’t.

You want to do it. Yes, you should.

Readjust your priorities; only then will you unlock the possibilities.

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