Ego Will Be Your Undoing

Ego Will Be Your Undoing

Ego is a dangerous animal. It convinces you that you’re right when you’re wrong, it creates separations from others when you should be bringing them closer, and it pushes you to fight for things that don’t really matter. It’s a monster convincing you of your superiority, creating expectations of what you think you deserve. Subtle in its approach, it hides in the subconscious mind, appearing when you least expect it, manifesting resentment, fear, and jealousy. It begs you to give in, slowly and seductively telling you a mythical story of who you are. A story not based on reality, but made up deep inside your mind, filled with delusions of grandeur. And when a decision bubbles up, you’re presented a choice: do I do this, or do I do that? And you don’t know which, because your ego wants you to do one thing and that little voice in your soul wants another. One says take the title, the money, the glory, while the other says follow your heart, make your art, live your truth. Then, everyone who’s influenced you in your life chimes in, their words stored deep inside your mind. They say, do this and do that, but they aren’t you; how could they possibly understand? They are just people themselves, after all, filled with their own biases, egos, resentments, and fears. And whether they know it or not, all their advice is just a big ball of their own problems and solutions, which could never really apply to your life. You have to conquer your own ego, your own puzzle, and only you have the key to unlock the door and let your magic out. But it will only come out when you solve your puzzle.

The truth remains: there’s no greater monster or miracle than yourself.

Overcome your ego, overcome everything.

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