Defective & Magnificent

Defective & Magnificent

“Human beings are not a commodity. Or a product. Or something that is manufactured. Or an object that has an intended use. And yet, sometimes we feel defective. Sometimes we feel like a shopping cart that always veers to the left or a toy that’s missing a crucial piece.”
- Charles Scatturo, Author

Perfection is the idea that something is free of flaws or defects. It’s generally looked upon favorably, as something to strive for in your pursuits.

In the Industrial Age, the goal was to manufacture items that were as close to perfect as possible. This allowed for mass reproduction and global distribution. The majority of workers focused on execution, not creation.

The humanity was removed from the process.

Defective is the idea that something is imperfect or faulty. It’s generally looked at with a negative connotation. When something is defective, it’s considered broken and often is discarded.

In the Age of Ideas, the goal is to celebrate and apply what makes you defective, or different. When you discover your purpose, what makes you defective, you can apply it to unlock your creative potential. The application of your creative expression is the primary method of generating value in the modern world. Whether you’re writing a piece of music, coding a new technology, or altering the way people use a commodity product such as an office building, a hotel, or a taxicab, our creativity is our last sustainable competitive advantage.

What made you defective in the Industrial Age is what makes you magnificent in the Age of Ideas.

Humanity is making a comeback.

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